Saturday, November 12, 2016

11 november (aka yesterday) is known as singles' day in china, and pocky day in japan. all that's got to do with the singular nature and long, thin shape for the number 1. interesting trivia: i vaguely remember that many couples in china chose to get married on 11 november 2011, to the point where there were mass weddings organized. somehow, this date is significant to me too. i consider it our "real" dating anniversary, because the date said that they wanted to give dating me another try on this day last year. we didn't celebrate on the day itself, because the date had a bad day at work. today, however, we had a slightly more atas dinner at ma maison anchorpoint. it's japanese food at heart, but with french influences. so far, we've eaten at the bugis outlet as well. the standard is really consistent, both that of food and service. i had tonkatsu curry udon this time round. it was easily the best tonkatsu i've had in singapore. the pork was fried amazingly, and cut so that each slice of meat was sufficiently dense. curry sauce was nice; i think they mixed soup stock into it. only minor thing was that the udon were limp from being slightly overcooked, but i can easily overlook that due to the excellent service. what impressed both the date and i was that while ordering our mains, i asked the waitress about their cream puffs, which were on display (i had a mild craving). she gave me the info, and i offhandedly mentioned to the date that we should get some after dinner. as we were finishing our food, the same waitress came by to clear our plates and asked us if we'd like to order the cream puffs, which we did. i was beyond impressed, both with the cream puff itself (amazing thick vanilla cream) and with the service standard, but more so with the latter. the dessert was such a minor detail to the point that that neither the date nor i thought about it while having dinner. the fact that she remembered shows how attentive she was. i guess that's what separates good/nice service from exceptional service. both of us definitely enjoyed the dining experience.

although it was our anniversary celebration date, things got a little...tension-filled (i was going to say "bittersweet", but it didn't sound exactly right) when the date suggested we played shadowverse, which is a trading card game(!), but does not have interrupts like magic. we played 3 games, and i lost all 3. while it was more or less expected, i still felt frustrated, especially since i thought i had a glimmer of hope. the date said that they were using cards and leaders that they weren't familiar with, and still managed to beat me soundly. i hope this will allow the date to appreciate how far apart we are in terms of standard. one thing that quite got on my nerves was that towards the end of the last game, the date was telling me not to worry. i then asked, "so does it mean that i won't die this coming turn?" the date replied in the affirmative, then played a card that would give them the means to finish me off, which they did. they said that they didn't plan it and didn't even see that effect. while i do not doubt that they are telling the truth, i was quite annoyed that they said something but didn't stick to it. as i told them later, if i had assured them of their survival, i would have stuck to my word, no matter how good my hand was, or what card i drew. but that's a fundamental difference between us, i guess. so, i finally told them once and for all, no more card games. not competitive, not even cooperative. i figure that it's best that we avoid this until (1) i get good enough to play on a similar level, (2) the date figures out how to lower their level sufficiently, (3) both. going from our past discussions, option 2 isn't likely to happen, and from what i know of our relative abilities, option 1 probably won't happen either. so the best way to avoid conflict is just that. to avoid the source of the conflict totally. reminder to self: NEVER EVER agree to play ANY trading card game with the date, no matter what format. the negativity just isn't worth it. in my imaginary universe where people generally try their hardest not to upset others, the date would have thrown me a bone, so to speak, and lost a game. after all, 2/3 isn't bad, right? i think that's why i'm a lousy competitor. if i'm up against someone whom i care about, their feelings generally come first before my own ego and victory. but well. i can't demand that they lose on purpose, right? actually, scary seems to think that i can, or that the date should do it automatically. because once again, partner's feelings and encouraging them > winning at a game that you're already good at. then again, we are all different people with different ideas and values.

dealing with conflict in this manner isn't my preferred way, but i think it's the best way in this situation. i'm trying that out with driving as well. when i'm in the rightmost lane and someone is going super slowly, my usual reaction is to high beam them as i'm approaching, signalling them to get out of the way. a few cars do this, and life goes on as normal in that scenario. for the cars who either don't see, don't understand, or purposely remain slow, my next reflex action is to horn. nowadays, i'm trying to just overtake them from the left. it's not quite right in terms of traffic rules, but there's no other choice. my other traffic annoyance is when people try to cut in at the last minute before the double white line to turn into sengkang. to be honest, i can understand why. during heavy traffic, the queue can extend to 30 cars or more. so those who cut in just want to get home fast. can't say i blame them. at the same time, it isn't fair to all the cars who have been patiently waiting in line. imagine getting close, and someone just swoops in ahead of you. worse, that is the last car that manages to make the turn before the traffic light goes back to red. on days where i was already feeling not-nice, i have thought about following such a car back to its parking lot, and confronting the driver. but nah. if there's one thing i've learnt, it's best to get back at someone via legal channels. so, primarily to cover myself in case of an accident (and secondarily to have video evidence of moron drivers), i got myself an in-car camera. it's shipping now, should reach me in time for the new work week.

should be heading to bed. not sure what's on the agenda tomorrow. right now, i can think of judo and/or gym, and grocery shopping for the week's stoup. not too bad a way to spend sunday, i think.

-random thought of the day: When to renew FFXIV subscription?-

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