Saturday, December 31, 2016

Keeping up with tradition, i'll get started on my year-end post. this year, i'm in lab! had to work on my presentation and take care of a couple of reactions. one failed, while i'm hopeful for the other. for now, back to the task at hand. a lot of people are saying that 2016 was a bad year, and one of the reasons they give is that many famous people died (and some which should be dead are still alive). i don't think that's a good reason at all. i think that the number of people that die per year doesn't really change that dramatically from year to year, unless there was some natural disaster or outbreak of war. it just so happens that this year, the proportion of famous people out of that total is higher.

personally for me, it was a good year overall. there's progress where it counts, and in general, the good bits made up for the bad bits. that's the reason for the first of my 2 candidates for theme of the year - ups and downs. it's competitor is "discovering myself". you'd think that at the ripe old age of 28, i'd know all i needed to know about me, right? apparently not. experiences with the date have revealed that under some circumstances, i behave differently that how i'd imagine myself to behave...sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. i guess it's because you don't really care as much about what your normal friends say as compared to a potential partner. i'll sit on the theme question until the end of the post. hopefully i'll decide one way or another.

numerous memorable things happened over the course of this year. good things include passing my QE, maintaining my relationship with the date, and moving house. that last one's debatable, actually. of course, i'm not really mentioning the usual take-for-granted things like being in overall good health, being accident-free while driving, maintaining my savings target. not-so-good things include various arguments with the date (thankfully they were all resolved), basically leaving the local judo scene (this one's both good and bad), and losing some friends (in my view, anyway). i think that there were no monumental screw-ups, which is probably a sign that i'm doing things somewhat right...or at least not too terribly wrong.

if i had to choose one day out of the past 366 to repeat, it would be 15 february. that was when both the date and i took a day off and went out. so far, that has been the most perfect date in the 13 months that we've been seeing each other, for various reasons already mentioned in the post written on that day itself. and if i had to choose to erase one day, it'd probably be one of the several days in which we argued about magic. funny how the brain remembers negatives more strongly than positives. perhaps it's also a sign to me, that i should be able to remember the lessons learnt from negative experiences, but let go of the associated feelings and negative emotions.

i guess that brings me to the end of this post. to sum things up, there were many memorable moments in 2016. bad or good, they all have helped me to develop and grow as a person. and although some things were horrible at the points in time while they were happening, those times will pass in the end. all that remains now is to look forward to next year, which will bring me a step closer to graduation.

-random thought of the day: Should go off soon.-

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