Sunday, January 01, 2017

Haven't had consecutive days with posts in a while. but as you know, it's the usual practice to do that on new year's eve and new year's day here. unlike previous years, i'm having little to no difficulty accepting that it's now 2017. might be because i got myself a cool planner. hoping to put it to good use over the next 12 months. in fact, there's a goal-setting section, which i'll fill in in detail after i work out the big picture here.

since i'm still in grad school, i suppose the goal remains the same - to publish a few papers and graduate within a reasonable timeframe. we're looking at end-2018, considering that's when my scholarship runs out. while it's possible for my professor to hire me for an additional semester or two, i shouldn't count on it. his funding situation's been a little tight these past few months. so, let's say i have 2 more years to go. and right now, i have 2 main projects, plus one idea which i'm going to propose to my professor this friday. that means a possible 3 publications, and an average of about 6 months between each one? if only events would go as i liked. if so, i'd have graduated by now. or maybe even retired. coming back to more realistic goals, i think i can finish my enzyme project by june, so that's hopefully a paper down. my main platinum project requires a bit more proof, and synthesis of the actual thing...i don't dare to put a timeframe on it. as for the last one, the idea i'm going to propose, i have no idea if that will even be possible. after all, it's aiming to tackle a question that nobody has found the answer for for about as long as research into our type of platinum compounds has existed. but well...isn't that what research is about, at the most fundamental level?

research and school aside, i realize that as i get older, my goals stay more or less the same - maintain good relations with people who count, and the usual newton's third law thing. have to remember to be more patient and tolerant, too. though with other drivers behaving like idiots, that's a really tall order. i still don't understand the refusal to signal. you know...i don't care if people get into accidents, as long as (1) it doesn't involve me or any innocent bystanders, and (2) my route isn't affected. if all the people whom i don't know want to get into a huge pile-up because all of them don't use their signals, i wouldn't feel the slightest bit sorry. after all, they brought it on themselves. all i ask is that they do it on a road i don't plan on using that day. and having said that, of course i'm hoping for another accident-free year.

with regards to the date, our relationship is in a relatively good place, and i hope that it gets even better as time passes. the good thing i guess is that we know most of each other's trigger points by now, so probably most arguments can be totally avoided. i'm still not sure if we'll end up together forever and all that, but i guess nobody really knows. we'll just have to keep working at it. i'm not sure if i should set any goals or objectives here. perhaps not in terms of time (eg. stay together for another year), but like in terms of our interactions. be nicer, more accommodating, but not to the point of ridiculousness. reasonable, i guess. give in where i can, but not excessively.

i hope that 2017 will be a good year, with minimal upheavals. i'm pretty content with the pace of life right now, though i sometimes wish research would progress more quickly and be more successful. well...i'll have to work harder. as usual, i'll remain cautiously optimistic. you know, hope for the best, prepare for the worst kind of thing. with enough luck, it won't come down to the worst case scenario. from my experience so far, it rarely does.

-random thought of the day: Have to watch my budget for the next 2 weeks.-

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